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Make It Count

How do we make it count at Brist MFG? Our team tirelessly develops materials and products that empower our clients and partners to design sustainably-minded, eco-friendly branded apparel lines. We've developed a Code of Conduct that helps us find the right partners and define our values.

Brist MFG Code of Conduct


Download our latest deck outlining how brands can create an impact through branded apparel.

Impact Deck


& Materials

That Count

Since mid-2021 we’ve been working hard to implement sustainable and eco-friendly options into every product category. We’ve done this without making a single compromise to comfort and quality, or breaking the bank on cost.

Below you can find out more information on the materials we source. You can check out our latest sustainability catalog below, which outlines the incredible options your brand has to make it count in every product category we offer.

Sustainability Catalog

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Our Account Managers are standing by and ready to take your call. Or email. Or DM. Or smoke signal. Look, we’re ready as all get out to kick your apparel headache to the curb and work together to create the most compelling merchandise you can imagine. Let’s do it together.

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