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Build your brand's dream hat

We've finessed our custom hat program over the years and couldn't be more proud of the options and quality we offer our customers. We've made millions of hats that create millions of impressions, which means amplifying your brand's voice across the world.

What's new > > Fall/Winter '22 styles and sustainable bill options

(Catalog and pricing below 👍).

The Options

  • Wholesale Hats

    Aiming for some tried and true styles and need a quick turnaround time? No problem. Our Brist Blanks program is your solution.

    • On-trend colors and styles
    • 3 beanies, 5 caps
    • Pair with any embellishment style
    • 2-4 weeks + shipping turn-time
    Catalog + Pricing
  • Brist Built Hats

    Look, we aren't going to brag but we've figured it out when it comes to completely custom hats. We offer over 40 styles for all seasons, with scores of embellishment, add-ons, and color options available.

    • Custom hats for all seasons
    • 100% Organic Cotton & Hemp Eco-friendly options
    • 100% recycled bills
    • 40+ styles
    • 13+ material options
    • 11-13 weeks + shipping turn time
    Catalog + Pricing


New Catalog, New Styles

We dug in DEEP with our custom hat program and came out on the other side of the world with some incredible improvements. Recycled bills, new styles, new colors, and new materials can all be found in our Custom Hats F/W '22 catalog.

Download now to see turn times and pricing. Contact your account manager for pre-production samples.

Catalog + Pricing


Youth Sizing

It'd be crazy not to have youth sizing when it comes to custom hats so we made it happen. Check out the catalog and choose from our three style options.

Catalog + Pricing

Ready to roll?

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