How can a flannel (or shacket) be sustainable? – Brist MFG
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We created a sustainable flannel program

As we've grown as a company in an ever-evolving world, it's become apparent to us that placing an emphasis on sustainability and the use of recycled materials is paramount. We've infused it into our company values and as of Spring 2022, we've successfully integrated sustainable and recycled materials into all of our product categories.

But back to flannels. The upgrades to this program may be the boldest send we've made as a company to date. Most branded apparel companies prioritize affordable blanks, hats, and promo, but our goal is to continue to push the boundaries by giving our customers access to retail-quality apparel. A few years ago we launched flannels to test the waters and as it turns out, they're a popular item. As the years progressed and we gathered more intel a few things became apparent: we could go even more custom and we needed sustainability.

Color & Pattern

For the first time ever we are launching our Fall/Winter Flannel program with 11 custom colors/patterns that were painstakingly designed by our product team. The design principles were based on three things: what we've seen sell well in the past, market trends, and seasonal influences. Rather than researching the promotional space market, we went straight to the top, looking at the latest and greatest from luxury outdoor brands and outdoor retailers. Meanwhile, our 2022 color palette is influenced by seasonality, seeking to provide shades that serve our customers well, many of whom have an intrinsic connection to the outdoors (yes, we're looking at you Mount Baker Ski Area and Flylords).

Designed for People & the Earth

Thanks to the incredible efforts of our Director of Global Supply Chain and Product Development Laura Sonderman, we've been able to secure sustainable materials for all three flannel styles. Our midweight flannel and midweight lined flannel (Style # F01 and J20) are made from 100% BCI Cotton. This incredible organization has been working around the globe for the past decade to improve working conditions, water usage, product quality, and much, much more in the cotton industry. For our heavyweight "shacket" (Style # J20) we've implemented an 80/20 polyester blend, using recycled polyester. This material is typically created from recycled water bottles, using far fewer resources and creating much less CO2 than traditional polyester. The best part: there's no compromise to quality or hand-feel. If you want to imagine what our shacket is like, think "wool chore jacket". And to top it all off, we've also implemented a line of recycled buttons for all three styles.

Is it time for you to add a flannel to your apparel line?

Yes, we definitely think so. Give your loyalists an outer layer that becomes their favorite item in their closet. Contact your Account Manager or start a new project now to get your flannel in production. Looking for a custom flannel color/design? We can do that too*.

Minimums start at 150 pieces

Allow for 15-17 weeks + shipping

*Minimums for custom color/design start at 1,000 pieces.