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Cascade Nylon 5 Panel -

Before we get into it we're going to make sure everyone's on the same page with Brist Blanks.

We started Brist Blanks a few years ago to answer two dilemmas tons of our customers were facing–first, with mounting supply chain issues, popular hat silhouettes (truckers, 5 panels, classic beanies, etc.) were seeing as many as 9-month delays. No one has time for that. Second, we saw an opportunity to produce those popular silhouettes at a level of quality and specificity (that's a fun one to say out loud) that would elevate our customer's products. So that's how we got to where we are today, providing our customers with access to the popular silhouettes, in the best colors and quality, manufactured by the best: Brist MFG.

Alright, meet Cascade. This unstructured 5 panel features a flatbill and bill rope, coming in 5 colors in a nylon material that inspires everything from scaling the face of Half Dome to sailing the Puget Sound to snowshoeing Jackson Hole. We brought in our material and sourcing specialist, Laura Sonderman, to walk us through the development of this product.