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For the first time ever... Sustainable Custom Hats

Custom hats have been the bread and butter of Brist MFG since our inception and we've proudly designed and manufactured hundreds of thousands (actually millions) of hats for some of the coolest brands out there. As we've grown as a company and added a significant emphasis on sustainable apparel we've struggled to include our custom hat program... until now.

We are thrilled to announce our two newest materials in custom hats: 100% Organic Cotton and Hemp. These materials give our customers the opportunity to introduce a product into their apparel line that has a direct benefit to our planet's health. Organic Cotton makes up less than 1% of the globe's cotton production but has better water practices, crop protection, fiber quality, and developed soil health than traditional cotton. Hemp, on the other hand, is a natural air purifier. As it grows, it quickly captures carbon and naturally filters the air–for every tonne of hemp products 1.63 tonnes of carbon are removed from the air. Additionally, hemp doesn't require pesticides, GMO seeds, or synthetic fertilizers, which makes it a much lower impact product than typical material development.

Check out the catalog

Organic Cotton comes in 10 hat styles and 19 vibrant colors. Hemp comes in 6 hat styles and 5 beautiful earth tone colors. Contact your account manager today to start designing your custom sustainable hats today! Want to check out our full sustainability catalog? Check it out below.

Sustainability Catalog