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Let's Talk Apparel Design & Retail Displays

We got a pro on the line - Tyler Hood of Austin Beerworks - to let us know what's up.

We all know the importance of branded apparel and the millions (billions?) of impressions that it can create for your business. We all know that whether you're going for a completely custom hat or a simple, single-color screen printed tee that quality and design are the priority. And Tyler Hood of Austin Beerworks knows this better than most.

Check out the video below for the full interview:

Neiman Marcus meets brewery is a bit difficult to imagine in your head but it's what Tyler thinks when he's going about setting up the Austin Beerworks display. And what is he referring to? Perception of quality, accessibility, and hype. His ideas are informed by streetwear, music culture, and sneakerhead ethic, and it is pretty clear in the apparel and merchandise Austin Beerworks produces. Their offerings in apparel truly cover the full spectrum, from colorful and eclectic to the casual brewery gear that every dad needs. Tyler shared some rad photos showing us what their retail display currently looks like (keep an eye out for their new super sweet neon sign and... a 99 beer rack?!).

Need help with your apparel program? Looking for ideas or feedback on your retail display? Give us a holler and chat with one of our account managers. We have the ideas and resources to make you look as cool as our pals at Austin Beerworks 😎