With our Cut & Sew Beanie program you can build a completely custom beanie and label it with your branding. Go step by step and spec out your design. After finalizing all of the details, you will receive a realistic mock-up of what your beanie will look like, and we can move on to production from there.

100pc MOQ | Starting at $11 for MOQ | 48hr Proofs | 6-8wk Delivery

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    We always use Pantone Coated colors for labeling and TCX colors for custom garments to ensure the design matches the graphic. Any other color profiles will be converted to acceptable PMS or TXC values.

    We will create a portfolio completely free of charge with either new artwork or using your own. Our hope is that you’ll love something from the portfolio enough to move forward with. Once the order is placed, you’ll be charged $125 for a custom design.

    A vector file is an editable raw design file created with shapes, curves, points, polygons, strokes and color fills. Vector graphics allow designers to expand or reduce the vector graphic in size without any loss in quality. Acceptable formats include .ai, .eps, or a high resolution PDF. If you don’t have a vector, in most cases we can re-create the artwork and vectorize it. Custom design fee is charged in these instances, but cost could be more depending on the complexity of the design

    For all custom apparel, our quality control begins with the tech-pack. We’ve spent years developing our tech packs so they provide every necessary detail down to sizing, colors, fabrics, packaging, and placement requirements. Once we submit our tech packs to our manufacturers, all samples go through a two-step approval process wherein our Overseas Manager and design team verify the accuracy of sample prior to bulk production. Once the products arrive at our facility, each item is inspected thoroughly before being shipped out to you! Quality is of the utmost importance to us and we do everything we can to give you a product you can be proud to wear.

    If you’re located outside of the U.S., the custom button-down program would be the most cost effective program for you. We can direct-ship from our manufacturer to you in order to bypass needing to ship to the U.S. first and then to you to save on both shipping and duties. With this, our in-house quality inspection is forgone, but we’re confident enough in our manufacturer’s ability to produce that this shouldn’t steer you away.

    Short answer, yes, however we have spent several years dialing in our standard beanies to create a lineup in which we have full confidence. The custom manufacturing process is much more involved than choosing from our standard lineup, but if you would like to pursue that route, contact us and we can talk through the process.

    Yes. We recommend keeping it simple and limiting your labeling to no more than 2 placements. One label placement is standard and baked into the price per unit. Every label after that incurs an additional fee that is compiled a la carte.

    Let us know if you have any more questions.